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    2014 OPT Circuit Women's Calendar

    06-Jan  10-Mar  (TBA) 12-May  (TBA) 14-Jul  (TBA) 15-Sep  (TBA) 17-Nov  (TBA)
    13-Jan 17-Mar  (TBA) 19-May  (TBA) 21-Jul  (TBA) 22-Sep  (TBA) 24-Nov  (TBA)
    20-Jan 24-Mar  (TBA) 26-May  (TBA) 28-Jul  (TBA) 29-Sep  (TBA) 01-Dec  (TBA)
    27-Jan 31-Mar  (TBA) 02-Jun  (TBA) 04-Aug  (TBA) 06-Oct  (TBA) 08-Dec  (TBA)
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    17-Feb 21-Apr  (TBA) 23-Jun  (TBA) 25-Aug  (TBA) 27-Oct  (TBA) 29-Dec  (TBA)
    24-Feb (TBA) 28-Apr  (TBA) 30-Jun  (TBA) 1-Sep  (TBA) 3-Nov  (TBA)  
    03-Mar  (TBA) 05-May  (TBA) 07-Jul  (TBA) 08-Sep  (TBA) 10-Nov  (TBA)  
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    2016 OPT Circuit Men's Calendar

    04-Jan 07-Mar(TBA) 09-May(TBA) 11-Jul(TBA) 12-Sep(TBA) 14-Nov(TBA)
    11-Jan 14-Mar(TBA) 16-May(TBA) 18-Jul(TBA) 19-Sep(TBA) 21-Nov(TBA)
    18-Jan 21-Mar(TBA) 23-May(TBA) 25-Jul(TBA) 26-Sep(TBA) 28-Nov(TBA)
    25-Jan 28-Mar(TBA) 30-May(TBA) 01-Aug(TBA) 03-Oct(TBA) 05-Dec(TBA)
    01-Feb(TBA) 04-Apr(TBA) 06-Jun(TBA) 08-Aug 10-Oct(TBA) 12-Dec(TBA)
    08-Feb(TBA) 11-Apr(TBA) 13-Jun(TBA) 15-Aug(TBA) 17-Oct(TBA) 19-Dec(TBA)
    15-Feb(TBA) 18-Apr(TBA) 20-Jun(TBA) 22-Aug(TBA) 24-Oct(TBA) 26-Dec(TBA)
    22-Feb(TBA) 25-Apr(TBA) 27-Jun(TBA) 29-Aug(TBA) 31-Oct(TBA)  
    29-Feb(TBA) 02-May(TBA) 04-Jul(TBA) 05-Sep(TBA) 07-Nov(TBA)  
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OPT Circuit players performance in Aus Open

Friday, 22 January 2016 11:51

Former OPT Circuit winners participated in the...


Maxime crushes Androic, winning his 1st OPT Circuit title

Tuesday, 08 September 2015 12:44

Playing in his 6th final in OPT...


2015 IRI F7 starts in a great condition

Wednesday, 02 September 2015 11:39

All of the seeded players managed to...


Zemlja & Marie rise above Boluda to no 1 of OPT Circuit rankings

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 23:30

Slovenian tennis ace Grega Zemlja and French...


Zemlja wins his 1st title after 18 month in Iran

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 23:05

Former ATP no 43 Grega Zemlja lifts...


French duo capture Iran F5 doubles title

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 22:56

Doubles expert Jerome Inzerillo from France teamed...



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